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5 Mobile Wallet Campaign Ideas To Boost Your Holiday Sales

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Believe it or not, the holiday season is already here. Soon the holiday shopping rush will commence.

For merchants, this season can be the biggest boost to sales they have all year. As e-commerce sites like Amazon continue to expand and dominate the retail industry, it’s important for brick and mortar stores to up their holiday marketing creativity.

Mobile Wallet Marketing allows for a relatively easy, quick, and inexpensive way to increase foot traffic by providing a digital incentive for customers to physically visit and shop at your store. 

Here are a few campaign ideas you can implement in just a few weeks:

1. Gamification: Customers play for a chance to win

Gamification allows merchants to offer quick, fun, and interactive games customers play on their mobile device that ultimately lead them to a mobile wallet pass. People love to be rewarded and the holiday season is the perfect time to share some love in the form of exclusive offers. When customers receive their prize, they will be much more likely to visit your store to redeem their mobile pass. While they’re there, they might just pick up a few extra things within your store. A simple URL link with your customized game can be distributed via social media, SMS, email, and in-store QR codes.

2. VIP Treatment: Only for customers who have downloaded your mobile pass

Leading up to the holidays, merchants can distribute “VIP” mobile wallet passes to customers that want to receive member-only offers. There are many creative ways merchants can offer exclusive perks and it’s sure to be a hit with customers who are searching for both a good deal and a pleasant shopping experience. Exclusive discounts, free champagne, or Black Friday early access are just a few examples of what you can do to bring customers into your store.

3. Geo-Location Promotions: Get customers inside

One of the more powerful capabilities of mobile wallet passes is location awareness. You can schedule special deals for customers who have your pass and happen to be near your storefront location.
A notification will be pushed to the customer’s phone enticing them to come into your business to take advantage of the special offer.

4. Update Previous Offers: Get customers excited about a new offer

Another powerful capability of mobile wallet passes is the ability to update the information displayed on the pass without the customer having to do anything. This is a great strategy if you’ve already used mobile wallet passes in the past. Unless the customer deletes your pass from their wallet, that pass is technically still “alive”. This means you can update the information, reactivate the unique code, and then send a Push Notification to customers letting them know they have a fresh new offer waiting for them in their Wallet. Customers will be thrilled and will likely come visit your store.

5. Boost Loyalty Points: More Rewards for Customers

If you have an existing loyalty rewards program, the holiday season can be a great time to boost the number of loyal customers. By providing a mobile loyalty card, you can instantly reward customers who have purchased in your store during the promotional period with extra points or even an immediate “Thank You” token. This will leave your customers feeling glad they joined your program not only during the holiday season but also all year long. It’s really the gift that keeps on giving.

Whichever strategy you decide to take, Mobile Wallet Marketing can really change the way you think of a mobile-first strategy. And if you think this holiday season is too late for you to get started, do not worry; 2018 is right around the corner offering a fresh year for new opportunities.

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