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Why Digital Scratch Cards Work

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Strides and improvements in technology have allowed the physical and digital worlds to merge.


Scratch cards that were once used solely for gambling have been transformed into a new digital form.


So here are our top reasons on why Digital Scratch Cards work:



Curiosity is the starting point for every sale.


Those who are curious will engage, and those who aren’t wont.


Provoking your potential customers is the key to building solid engagement.



Fear Of Missing Out is an anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may be currently happening elsewhere.


Our social society is bent on exhausting our options before choosing.


The idea of not knowing what we can have, compels us to act on every opportunity so that we are not left on wondering.


Digital Scratch Cards encapsulate FOMO by concealing the message or deal.


Near Miss Theory

A Near Miss is anytime a contestant or player enters to win, but doesn’t by a slight margin.


Instead of feeling like a loser, it instill encouragement that they were only off by a little.


Studies show that near misses encourage future play in gaming.



Digital Scratch Cards are where digital meets physical.


Users are accustomed to being bombarded with repetitive fed messages to their eyes, but what if you involve other senses like touch?


Interactive content in the form of Digital Scratch Cards gives businesses a different way to communicate their messages.


This leads to more customers actively engaged with your content.



Digital Scratch Cards are an effective form of gamification.


Quick, easy, and motivating, they provide an instant gratification for participants who win, and motivation through the near miss theory for those who don’t.


Everyone loves games.

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