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Omnichannel Approach to Mobile Loyalty Programs

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Marketers are turning to Mobile when it comes to Loyalty Programs to get users to sign up, get them more engaged, and to attract millennials.


Smartphones have several communication channels such as SMS, Apps, Mobile Wallet, and Social Media platforms.


Every customer has a preferred way in which he or she would like to be contacted through. A channel that works for one user, may not work well for others.


Marketers need to come up with strategies to invite customers to enroll in their loyalty program, and to access their rewards via their preferred channel – and this is where an omnichannel approach to mobile loyalty comes in.


An omnichannel mobile loyalty program addresses the following key areas:

  1.   Member acquisition

  2.   Member engagement

  3.   Rewards access


The best and most successful loyalty programs touch upon these three areas – which means that a customer can sign up for the program and have access to their rewards through their preferred mobile channel: 

SMS, Mobile App, Wallet, or Facebook.



By taking an omnichannel approach to mobile loyalty program, marketers can more effectively:

  • Increase member enrollment – especially with millennials


  • Drive higher levels of mobile engagement


  • Deliver relevant, integrated communications across channels


Consumers today expect to be marketed on their own terms.


By developing an omnichannel approach to mobile loyalty, marketers can employ the customer-centric approach that is required to succeed with today’s mobile consumers.

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