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Mobile Pass Redemption: Explained

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Mobile Pass Redemption: Explained

As the appeal of mobile wallet passes continues to show signs of growth, it’s important for retailers to update or adapt their technology to keep up with consumer’s preferences. According to a 2016 research by U.K. media delivery company, Valassis, one-third of shoppers prefer digital coupons, loyalty cards, and membership cards to paper or plastic versions.

However, many retailers are struggling to catch up their redemption technologies in order to satisfy this consumer craving for digital content. What many retailers fail to realize is just how simple and easy it is to adapt their processes to be able to redeem mobile wallet passes. This post will go over several methods and solutions you can deploy in your own business.

Non-Scanning Redemption:

As mobile wallet adoption continues to rise at a quick pace, it’s understandable why many retailers struggle to fully understand and adapt their technologies to fit their needs.

The non-scanning redemption method is a great and easy alternative for any business to implement and begin accepting mobile wallet passes.

These methods may not harness the full capability of the mobile wallet, however they easily allow any size business to engage customers in use of this technology.

How it works

Simply check that a person has a valid pass to ensure they are a club member, allowed entry to an event, or have a valid discount/coupon pass. This can be done at small events or businesses where there is time for visual verification. This is a great option for businesses whose goal is to simply increase traffic to their store or event.

The thinking here should be: if a person was able to get to the mobile pass, then they are granted the special perk/allowed admission.

Redemption by Scanning

Redemption by scanning offers merchants the best alternative to enjoy the full benefits of the Mobile Wallet technology.

When you scan a Mobile Wallet pass:

  • User can immediately see changes in their pass

Loyalty point update, decrease in account balance, punch card update

  • User can immediately see changes in their pass

Stops users from being able to reuse or share pass with screenshot

  • User can immediately see changes in their pass

Seamless integration to your Inventory control 

Ways to scan a Mobile Wallet pass:

1. Using any Smartphone or Tablet

Any smartphone or tablet, with an autofocus camera and barcode/QR scanning app installed can be used to scan mobile wallet passes.

There are several barcode/QR code scanner apps available on both Apple Store and Play Store that work perfectly for this purpose, including our very own solution called KIOSK that recognizes One World Wallet passes and automatically reflects changes in our platform.

To redeem, simply open the installed scanning app, point the camera lens to the barcode or QR code on the customer’s pass, and wait for the confirmation. 

You can even choose to integrate this method to your existing POS through a secured, wireless connection.

2. Using a Traditional Barcode Scanner

Mobile Wallet Passes can also be redeemed by using traditional barcode scanners.

The good news is that if your business already utilizes a 2D barcode scanner, you can start scanning Mobile Wallet Passes the same way you scan physical barcodes or QR codes.

A simple API can be integrated into any payment terminal or POS to ensure a smooth checkout process.

There are several 2D barcode scanners on the market and choosing the right one is up to each merchant.

We recommend hands free style scanners for best results and ultimate customer satisfaction.

These types of scanners are easy for customers to use, only requiring the user to wave the Mobile Wallet Pass in front of the scanner to redeem.

If you are using a 1D barcode scanner, keep in mind that only newer model smartphones have the ability to display 1D-type barcodes (code 128).  

Final Considerations

Adapting your technology to have Mobile Wallet Pass redemption compatibility is a worthwhile investment.

As highlighted in this post, the cost is not astronomical and the benefits are certainly worthy.

Choosing the best redemption method means choosing the method that best suits your particular business needs depending on what kind of Mobile Wallet Passes will be issued for your business, your existing POS, and what type of redemption experience you want your customers to have.

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