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Digital Driver’s License: Are we ready?

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Digital Driver's License: Are we ready?

The world is quickly converting everything into digital and mobile formats, raising the question of when the most used document will get digitized – the driver’s license.

Whether digital or physical, the driver’s license will always be used for two reasons: to prove you have the right to operate a motor vehicle and to confirm you are in fact who you say you are.

The technology to make this possible already exists, so why can’t we just have our license stored on our mobile devices? Mobile Wallets already store million of people’s credit and debit card information, making the idea of having digital ID’s completely feasible.

One of the obvious advantages to having a digital driver’s licenses, is the convenience of not having to carry a physical wallet. While many have adapted the process of paying with a phone, carrying a physical wallet is still necessary for ID’s and other forms of identification. Therefore, having a digital ID goes hand-in-hand with the mobile dependent habits of the future generation.

For governmental authorities, having digital driver licenses can save them million of dollars by offering an alternative to printing plastic cards. It will also offer them new possibilities such as a trusted and secure channel of communication with their citizens, and the ability to update information without having to reprint a physical card.

Various states and countries around the world have begun researching and piloting mobile versions of the driver’s license. In August 2016, the U.S. Commerce Department’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) awarded a grant to further support the development of trusted identities based on Digital Driver’s Licenses. As a result, 13 U.S. states have either passed legislations regarding digital ID cards or have ordered studies to be conducted to test the feasibility of mobile driver’s licenses. Other countries such as Australia, the Netherlands, the U.K., and Brazil have also initiated their own initiatives to offer a digital driver’s license to their residents..

At One World Wallets, we can’t wait for the day that mobile driver’s licenses become the norm and we will most certainly stay focused on this trend. We are already capable of creating a digital ID cards that retain all key features of a physical card such as displaying personal information, individual’s photo, and even a unique barcode that can be scanned for validation purposes.

Although digital driver’s licenses are not yet a reality, we already offer Mobile Wallet solutions for other identification purposes, such as Student ID Cards and Employee Badges. What do you think of having digital ID cards? Let us know in the comment section below!

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