Enhanced Mobile Engagement

Increase your brand’s mobile presence with a customizable mobile wallet pass – 
whether you have an App or not

From Loyalty Cards to Digital IDs

Our solutions can fulfill all your mobile marketing needs

Interactive Content

Enhance your customer’s mobile experience by including fun and interactive gaming aspects
 to your mobile campaign 

Mobile Passes Explained

Mobile Passes (also referred to as “digital passes” or “wallet passes”) describes the content in the form of a wallet item or pass stored in the Apple Wallet or our very own One World Wallets app for Android. We like to think of it as the digital equivalent of all the everyday things that are stored in physical wallets such as Loyalty Cards, Coupons, Business Cards, Tickets, and more. 

Mobile wallet items or passes stored in these native app ecosystems, organizes and consolidates information for easy access anywhere and anytime. This means there’s an opportunity for businesses and brands to make contact with their customers without the need to develop an app. 

“About 65% of the revenue of a company comes from its frequent customers”

Harvard Business Review